Concrete / Masony Work in the Syracuse, NY Area

New sidewalks look great! World of difference, thank you.
Jim & Nancy C.

I generally don't take the time to write a comment, but these guys did an awesome job rebuilding our basement walls. Thanks Chris!
Stan O'Rourke

We had no idea our chimney was deteriorating like it was. Chris went up on the roof and took some pictures that showed us a lot of damage we could not see from the ground. They did a great job rebuilding the brick chimney. Looks fantastic.
Tim Babcock & Family

Our basement went from dark, damp and moldy to bright white, clean and dry. Between the weep holes and French drains and the white basement waterproofing treatment, it looks great. Never looked that nice down there. We would totally recommend these guys.
Don & Sandy Bello

Our front steps were cracked, not level and missing a few pieces of stone. Block Solid did a great job repairing stone steps with all new stone treads and new sidewalk. Great job.
Phil Bourcey