Chimney Repairs Syracuse, NY

With over 45 years of experience, Block Solid Masonry will solve your chimney problems from building new chimneys to repairing old chimneys, we have the skills and experience. Whether it's as simple as replacing your crown, repointing or a rebuild, we are the company that gets the job done right the first time.

Chimney Repairs Onondaga County

Chimney Repairs

Loose bricks, cracked bricks and open mortar joints are a sure sign that water is making its way into the chimney. This will greatly weaken the structure of the chimney and compromise the integrity of the mortar joints and deteriorate bricks or cinder blocks. Unfortunately the longer this issue goes unnoticed, the more it increases the odds that the chimney will have to be rebuilt.

Chimney Rebuilds

If your chimney is beyond repair, it will more than likely need to be rebuilt. We will take the chimney down to a course of brick or block to where the chimney is structurally sound. This can be above or below the chimney's flashing. In some rebuilds the chimney flashing will have to be replaced.

Chimney Flashing

When the chimney flashing needs to be replaced. We put an ice and water barrier underlament 3 feet around the perimeter of the chimney, step flash and counter flash. Insuring a water tight seal. We also have other flashing options available.

Chimney Services

• Chimney inspection.
• Crown repair or replacement.
• Cap repair or replacement.
• Chimney flue replacement.
• Tuck point grinding.
• Chimney repointing.
• Stucco repair.
• Flashing repair or replacement.
• Chimney footing replacement.
• Chimney rebuilds with brick, block, culture stone and natural stone.
• Brick and stone restoration.
• New construction fireplace. New construction chimney.

Chimney rebuilds can be very costly. We can go over several options to fit your budget.

Chimney Repairs Syracuse & Central NY Area