With over 45 years of experience, Block Solid Masonry will solve your foundation problems. Whether it's repairing step cracks in the foundation wall, core filling cinder blocks or replacement of the foundation wall we are the company that gets the job done right the first time.

Foundation Repair

Step cracks or horizontal cracks in the mortar joints are telltale signs that the worst is yet to come. Usually followed by bowing walls, water seeping in and/or damp or wet walls. If let go, this can become a costly repair. This issue can be fixed relatively cheap in comparison to a foundation replacement.

Repairs can be done by exposing the cores of the blocks and reinforcing them with rebar and concrete. In some cases, masonry pilasters can be tied into the foundation wall to prevent an existing bowing wall from worsening.

Foundation Replacement

If your foundation is in disrepair, a replacement could possibly be your only option. We are one of the only companies in CNY that excavate by hand leaving lawn damage to a minimum. We excavate only a foot from the foundation wall and from footing to grade from inside of the basement or crawlspace.

Every foundation replacement we thoroughly inspect the sillplate and footing for defects. Any issues are repaired accordingly. Steal Rebar is tied into footing every 27" or every 3 courses. Also, every 3rd core is filled solid with concrete. A 1/4 inch layer of quick wall water proof foundation coat is applied to the exterior wall and back filled. This ensures a water tight seal.

Foundation Services

• Foundation Inspections.
• Foundation core filling.
• Pilaster foundation stabilization/ support.
• Interior/ exterior quick wall water proof foundation coat.
• Jackposts - support/ leveling.
• Foundation repair/ replacements.
• Footing repair/ replacements.

Foundation replacements can be very costly. We can go over several options to fit your budget.